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Newspaper/Importance of Newspaper


Modern life is the blessing of science. In this age, we see the revolution of information and communication technology all around us. Newspaper is one of the best media to communicate across the globe. Actually, we can see the whole world through newspaper.

The newspaper was first published in China. The “Indian Gazette” published in 1774 was the first printed newspaper in the Indian sub-continent. The first Bengali newspaper was the “Samachar Darpan”.

With the passage of time, newspaper, being blessed with the modern technology, has also reached the peak of its development. Now we see both printed and online newspapers publishing fulfilling the increasing demand of the readers.

There are various kinds of newspaper. They are dailies weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies or quarterlies. The daily newspapers contain news and views of daily affairs. There are also some other newspapers that are known as periodicals and magazines.

A newspaper is useful to all sections of people. It gives us information, knowledge and pleasure. We find the news of local, national and international affairs, commercial news, stories, poetry, business news, cartoons, comics and different articles in newspaper. It helps to grow public opinion. The government ordinance, situation of a country, news of games and sports, weather report etc. are published in newspaper.

Students learn many things from newspaper. Nowadays all but every newspaper publishes a special page for the students. This is a good guidance for them to prepare their lessons. Literary journals publish latest works of the famous and new writers. In a word, newspaper is the store-house of knowledge. We cannot think of modern life without newspaper.

Although newspaper is an essential part of our life, it has some demerits too. It sometimes publishes false and partisan news and views. Some of the men try to use newspaper in favor of their self-interest. As a result, dispute arises between individuals, parties and nations.

Newspaper shows us the whole world like a mirror. It has made life easier. It has made the world readable.

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