Giasuddin Azam Shah and the Quazi- Story

The Justice of the Quazi/The Quazi and the King/Giasuddin Azam Shah and the Quazi/The righteousness of the Quazi

Sultan Giasuddin Azam Shah was the ruler of Bengal. He was a kind and just ruler. He was fond of archery and very often used to go hunting. Once while hunting, he shot at a deer but the arrow missed its target and hit a son of a widow.Giasuddin Azam Shah and the Quazi-story He was the only son of the widow and she got very pained. She went to the Quazi and brought suit against the king praying for justice.
The Quazi accepted widow’s complaint. He thought if he did justice, it would go against the king himself. Reasonably, it was not so easy to do. But the Quazi was righteous and strict to principles. He summoned the sultan to appear before the court. He penalized the king and ordered him to give the widow a certain amount of money as compensation.
The king, also being just, confessed his guilt and compensated the loss of the widow as the Quazi ordered. At this, both the Quazi and the king became pleased and thanked each other. Then the king said, “If you did not ensure justice, I would kill you with this sword.” The Quazi also said, “If you denied my verdict, I would beat you with this stick.

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