False Pride of a Crow- Story

The Proud Crow/False Pride of a Crow/The Crow with Feathers of Peacock

Once there was a crow. He was very ambitious and was not happy with his own color and status. Once he felt sad thinking of his ugly looking. So he wished to become beautiful. But he did not find out a way of becoming beautiful.
One day he saw some feathers of peacock in a jungle. He instantly got a scope to fulfill his dream. He decided to wear the peacock feathers on his body to look like a peacock. Thinking this, he took the feathers one by one and plugged them within his own feathers. He looked at himself and felt glad and proud. He was no longer looking like a crow. Now he decided to go the flock of peacocks and live with them. When the peacocks saw him, they could easily understand that he was not a peacock but a crow pretending to be peacock. They attacked him, pulled out the false feathers and drove him away.
Being insulted, he returned to the crows. But, by this time, the crows also knew of his slyness. They also drove him away. Now realizing his fault, the crow admitted his guilt to the crows and promised never to do such a misdeed again.

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