Environment Pollution- Paragraph

Environment Pollution


The things and power around us which we live in constitute our environment. But this environment gets polluted in many ways which hampers normal flow of our life. Air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution etc. are increasing environmental crisis alarmingly. Among these, first two are the major reasons for this great problem. Air is mainly polluted by smoke coming out from motor vehicles, mills and factories, brick- fields and melted pitches while constructing roads. Again, water is being polluted by industrial and household wastes and unsanitary latrines emptied into river, pond or sea water. The modern technology based machine and equipment which are being used to make our life easier are greatly causing sound pollution. Pollution of soil by different wastes, filth and insecticides is endangering our cultivable lands. Truly speaking, we’re living life being in the grip of pollution. However, it is not possible to lead a healthful and happy life living in the polluted environment as pollution causes many diseases in human body. If we don’t be conscious of keeping our environment clean, our one-and-only earth will turn unlivable for us.

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