E-mail to O.C to take step against anti-social activities

Suppose you are Ahsanullah living at Mirpur-14 area in Dhaka. Recently anti-social activities like snatching, theft, misuse of drug and eve-teasing have tremendously increased in your area. As a responsible person of the society you like to inform of these social evils to the police to take action against. Now,

Write an e-mail to the O.C to take step against anti-social activities in your locality


Suggested answer:

From            : ahsan**ullah103@gamil.com
To                 : ockafrul@dmp.gov.bd
Cc                 :
Bcc                :
Sent               : March 12, 2016; 11:00 a.m.
Subject          : Regarding taking step against anti-social activities.


Dear Sir,
With great concern, I am informing you that increasing anti-social activities in Kafrul have made the life of common people shattered. Snatching, theft, drug taking and eve-teasing are spoiling peaceful regular flow of life of the citizens. One or two snatching at Mirpur road is a daily occurrence. Heroin addicts are stealing this or that even at day time. Besides, eve-teasers are always active to harass the women and girls going to school and college.

Terrorism is also a terrible problem in our locality. Armed fighting is frequently occurred between two rival groups over spreading influence over this area. Sometimes, some of these clashes are focused on the national dailies. The locals are helpless at the careless movement of the armed terrorists. So, immediate action against these evil deeds is necessary to ensure security of life of peace-loving common people.

In this connection I, on behalf of the people, earnestly request you to take necessary measures for regular patrolling in this area.

Thanking you.

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