E-mail to hotel manager to cancel reservation of a seat

Suppose you are Dipok. You decided to go to Cox’s Bazar on a tour on January 22, 2016. You booked a seat in Hotel Shaibal in Cox’s Bazar. But for an unavoidable circumstances you are not in the state now to go on the tour. Now,

Write an e-mail to the manager of a hotel to cancel reservation of a seat booked for you


Suggested answer:

From            : dipok#ahmed@gamil.com
To                 : office.hotelshaibal@gmail.com
Cc                 :
Bcc                :
Sent               : January 14, 2016; 08:30 p.m.
Subject          : Regarding cancellation of a booked seat in the hotel.


Dear Sir,
With great sorrow, I would like to inform you that I booked a single-bed room in your renowned hotel for three days from 22 January. But due to some undeniable family problems I am unable to visit Cox’s Bazar for the time being. So I want to cancel the booking for the days mentioned above. Noted that my room no. was 305.

I hope you will heartily consider my case and accept my request as I am informing you, as per the rule of your hotel, one week before the scheduled time.

Hope, on cancellation of the ticket, you will send me a confirmation message.

With thanks
Mahmudul Hasan

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