E-mail to friend to send suggestion on definite subject

Suppose you are Robin. You are the student of Humanities group. Though you cut a good figure in all the subjects, Gemeral Science seems very difficult to you and you are anxious about this subject as your Test Exam is ahead. Now, send an email to your friend Shaon requesting him to send you a suggestion on this subject through e-mail

Write an e-mail to your friend to send you a suggestion on a definite subject


Suggested answer:

From            : robin_ahmed.@gamil.com
To                 : m.d.shaon@yahoo.com
Sent              : Friday, September 25, 2015; 4:30 p.m.
Subject         : Request to send a suggestion on General Science.


Dear Shaon,
You know General Science is a matter of headache to me. As a student of Humanities group, I’m weak in this subject. Actually I don’t find any interest in it. However, my Test Examination is ahead. I think, now it will not be wise to expect a wide range of preparation for this subject. That I can obtain C grade is my target for the time being. In this case, I seek your help. I want a suggestion from you. You are the A+ scorer in General Science in the last examination. So I think your suggestion will work best.

Lovingly yours

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