E-mail to friend thanking for birthday gift

Suppose you are Meela. You observed your birthday yesterday. One of your close friends named Sheela could not join your celebration due to unavoidable reason. But Sheela, loving you very dearly, did not forget to send you a gift which surprised you most. Now,

Write an e-mail to your friend thanking him/her for the birthday gift/present he sent you


Suggested answer:

From            : meela.100@yahoo.com
To                 : sheela.moni@gmail.com
Sent               : March 13, 2016; 3:00 p.m.
Subject          : Thanking for birthday gift.

Dear Sheela,
I have learned that you could not join my birthday party as your maternal uncle came to your house after returning from abroad. Convey my salam to your uncle.

But Sheela, I am surprised that you did not forget to send me a gift. It is a very nice gift and that is the Bengali version of the world famous teen classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Truly speaking, I was longing for this book for a long time. So I am lucky that you sent me one of my most desirable things. I think yours one is the best one among the gifts I have got in this birthday. Thank you very much for your wonderful gift and your cordial love for me.

This will remain ever fresh as a precious memory of my birthday in my mind.

Lovingly yours

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