E-mail to friend congratulating him on brilliant success

Suppose you are Tareq. One of your friends named Shahjahan secured golden A+ in the S.S.C examination of this year. You are very glad at his success. Now,

Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success in the S.S.C examination


Suggested answer:

From            : tareq_ahmed@yahoo.com
To                 : m.d.shahjahan.1@yahoo.com
Cc                 :
Bcc                :
Sent               : April 20, 2016; 3:00 p.m.
Subject          : Congratulating on success.


Dear Shahjahan,
I am very delighted to hear that you have secured golden A+ in the S.S.C examination of this year. I was waiting for hearing such a good news for a long time. It is a great success that you have made for you, your parents, relatives, teachers and, after all, for your school.

I congratulate you on your ultimate success from the core of my heart. This is the day of joy for us all today but I know how much labor, attention and sincerity you paid day after day for the preparation to gain this success. You really have reaped the sweet fruit by your bitter diligence. I expect you will bring about the same results in your future exams too.

May God grant you higher position in life.

Lovingly yours

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