E-mail to friend asking for lessons taught yesterday in college

Suppose you are Mamun. Your friend Emon could not go to college for the last three days due to illness. He sent an SMS requesting you to inform him of the lessons that were taught yesterday in the class. Now,

Write an e-mail to your friend about the lessons taught yesterday in your college


Suggested answer:

From            : mamunur.rashid.11@gamil.com
To                 : m.d.emon_sarker@yahoo.com
Sent              : Tuesday, December 22, 2015; 7:30 p.m.
Subject         : Regarding college lessons taught yesterday.


Dear Emon,
I am happy to know that you are better today and are joining classes next day. This is to inform you that English teacher Azad sir discussed on ‘Report Writing’ and has assigned us to study different examples of Report. Bengali Madam is still on long vacation. Alok Kumar, our Physics teacher, delivered a fantastic lecture on ‘Refraction of Light’ in which we used necessary lab equipment. In Chemistry, our assignment is ‘Chemical Reaction’ by Sunil sir. Next, sorry to say that I could not attend Botany class as I had to come back home for an urgent piece of business.

Thanking you.

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