Dividing the Bread – Story

Two Rats and a Monkey/Dividing the Bread

Once, two rats found a piece of bread. But they could not agree on how to divide it because each of them wanted the larger share. At last, they went to a monkey whom all the animals of the forest thought to be the wiser animal. They asked the monkey to divide the bread into two equal halves.
The monkey brought a pair of scales. He tore the bread into two pieces and put them on the scale. But the pieces were not equal. So, he bit a small portion out of the heavier piece and put it again on the scale. But, this time, the other piece became heavier. Then he took a portion from that piece. But, yet this time, two pieces were unequal.
In this process, the clever monkey was continuing biting from the larger part of bread again and again. Two rats saw that all the bread of them had gone; only a small piece is remaining. They started shouting to stop him and agreed to divide the rest among themselves. But this time, the monkey said that the left piece was his as he has done a lot of work for them. Saying this, the greedy monkey devoured the rest of the bread.

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