Dialogue between you and a rickshaw puller

Suppose you are Rashed living at Kamalapur, Dhaka. You want to go to Rampura for an urgent piece of business by rickshaw. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and a rickshaw puller

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (passenger) and a rickshaw puller—
Rimu: Hi Shimu, you seem to be anxious. Anything wrong?
Shimu: You know Rimu, science teacher rebuked me for not preparing my homework.
Rimu: Oh, I see. But what was your problem?
Shimu: Truly speaking, I lost my Science book.
Rimu: Really! Then it’s not a problem. You can borrow a book for the time being.
Shimu: Who would lend me? Exam is ahead. Everybody needs her own book.
Rimu: Why? I can lend you if you ask for.
Shimu: But Rimu, how will you manage your Science homework.
Rimu: Listen Shimu, you are my friend. It is my duty to stand by you in your problem. Wait… take this book for tonight. School is closed tomorrow. So, return the book next afternoon?
Shimu: You are really great Rimu.
Rimu: And I will give it back again after two days. This means we’ll share this book until the exam comes.
Shimu: It’s a good idea. But I fear I disturb your study.
Rimu: Don’t worry, Shimu. I have almost covered up my syllabus of Science.
Shimu: Thank you a lot.

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