Dialogue between you and your younger brother on his brilliant success in the examination

Write a dialogue between you and your younger brother on his brilliant success in the examination

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between my younger brother Tutul and myself on his brilliant success in the examination:
Mark: Hello Jack,
Jack: Eating apple.
Myself: Hey Tutul. I have heard you have got GPA-5 in the J.S.C examination!
Tutul : Yes, brother; as Allah wishes, I have got golden GPA-5.
Myself: Really! It’s a brilliant success! It’s unbelievable!
Tutul : It won’t be possible without the help of all of you.
Myself: Congratulation, Tutul! Congratulation on your brilliant success.
Tutul : All praise be to God. Today I recall the contribution of you and my parents, teachers.
Myself: We neither saw you making such a result nor did we expect you to do so. How do you think it’s been possible?
Tutul : Firstly, my teachers in school took special care of me. I drew their attention as they found me obedient and attentive.
Myself: Among them who was the most careful to you?
Tutul : Anis Ahmed sir in English and our head teacher who always encouraged me and made inquiries about every subject.
Myself: Really you are lucky.
Tutul : At home my parents were always aware of my study. They never made me feel any problem. You also helped me at times like a private tutor. If you didn’t help me, I won’t be able to make such a result.
Myself: However, all praise be to God. Now, can we expect you to continue your success in the future examinations?
Tutul : Insah Allah.
Myself: Congratulation, once again, Tutul. I think you have also made us successful by your success.

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