Dialogue between you and your headmaster asking for three days’ leave

Write a dialogue between you and your headmaster asking for three days’ leave

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Fahad and the Headmaster of his school asking for three days’ leave
Fahad: May I come in, sir?
H.M : Yes, come in. Any problem?
Fahad: Sir, I need advance leave for some days.
H.M : Sit down, which class are you in?
Fahad: I am in class-IX, section-B.
H.M : Your Half-yearly Examination is near at hand. Why do you need leave now?
Fahad: My sister’s marriage ceremony is going to be held on Friday next, sir. I have to remain busy for some days.
H.M : Sister’s marriage! Who is your sister? Wasn’t she student of our school?
Fahad: Yes, sir. My sister is Monika and she passed the S.S.C exam from this school in 2006.
H.M : O, yes; Monika—she was a meritorious student. Isn’t Abdul Hakim your father?
Fahad: Yes, sir.
H.M : Offer salam to him on my behalf.
Fahad: Sir, he is shortly coming to school to invite you all.
H.M : O well. However, how many days do you need leave for?
Fahad: For three days, sir.
H.M : OK, submit an application to me asking for three days’ leave.
Fahad: Thank you very much, sir.

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