Dialogue between you and your headmaster about a transfer certificate

Write a dialogue between you and your headmaster about a transfer certificate

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Amit and the Headmaster about a transfer certificate:
Amit : May I come in, sir?
H.M : Yes, come in. Any problem?
Amit : Sir, I wish to discuss with you regarding a T.C.
H.M : Sit down, which class are you in?
Amit : I am in class 7, section B. As my family decided, I need a transfer certificate.
H.M : Transfer certificate! It is the month of May and is the middle of the session. Why are you going to leave your school?
Amit : Sir, my father is a government employee. Recently he has been transferred from here to Chittagong. My family has already
shifted there.
H.M : Can’t you stay here for the rest of the session?
Amit : I am sorry to say that I have no relative here to reside with or other scope to stay in.
H.M : Really it is a problem.
Amit : Sir, I like my school very much but situation does not allow me to study here.
H.M : Ok, submit an application to me seeking a T.C.
Amit : What else have I to do, sir?
H.M : Contract with the clerk. He will give you all out helps to get a T.C.
Amit : Thank you very much, sir.

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