Dialogue between you and your friends about visiting a book fair


Suppose you are Probal. One of your friends is Zahid. You have already visited the Ekushey Book Fair currently going on at Bangla Academy premises but Zahid hasn’t yet gone to visit. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friends about visiting a book fair

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Probal) and my friend (Zahid) about visiting a book fair—
Dialogue on book fair
Zahid : Did you go to visit book fair, Probal?
Probal: Yes Zahid, I passed a jolly day that day. What about you?
Zahid : I couldn’t manage to go yet. Could you tell me how festive it is this year?
Probal: Sure, this year Ekushey Book Fair looks more festive and organized. It seems that people’s interest for book is on the increase. Foreigners are also found visiting the book fair.
Zahid : What are the things you enjoyed most?
Probal: I visited whole of the fair for about three hours. But, especially, the children’s book stalls attracted me most. Besides, the cultural function held at evening was fantastic.
Zahid : Oh, I also enjoy spending time at children’s stalls. Didn’t you buy any books?
Probal: Of course. I purchased two translated books, two research books by S.M Zakir Hussain, a children’s story book for my younger brother, a number of maps and charts and a dictionary.
Zahid : Oh, you really passed an interesting day. I feel like going to book fair right now. What’s your feeling about the book fair of this year?
Probal: I’m happy that more and more visitors are coming to book fair and buying books. If a nation loves book, it cannot lag behind. I’m hopeful of the prosperous future of my country.
Zahid : Happy to meet you. Thank you for your wise opinion.
Probal: Thank you too.


Suppose you are Farah. You are now on your visit to the Ekushey Book Fair. Suddenly you come up with your closest friend, Jesmin before a stall. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about visiting a book fair.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Farah) and my friend (Jesmin) about visiting the book fair—
Farah : Hi Jesmin; you’re here! Lucky me!
Jesmin: Nice to meet you, Farah. I never thought you’re here. When did you enter Book fair?
Farah : About two hours ago. What about you?
Jesmin: I’ve entered just after taking lunch. I’ve already wandered about whole of the area.
Farah : Have you bought any book?
Jesmin: Yes, Farah. I’ve purchased three books—a novel, a travel story, a science fiction and a biography of Nepoleon. And you?
Farah : I’ve chosen some books but not bought yet. I think the environment of the fair is more organized and ordered this year. No chaos is noticed anywhere.
Jesmin: Right, Farah. And more and more people are visiting book fair every year.
Farah : What do you think are the most attractive things in the fair?
Jesmin: Every stall is adorned tastefully and no two stalls look the same.
Farah : Oh, Jesmin. I’m also impressed with the decoration of the stalls. Besides, various food stalls with funny names can also attract anybody.
Jesmin: However, it’s already 5 o’clock. Won’t you enjoy the cultural function?
Farah : Of course. Before that, let’s take some snacks and drinks from that stall.
Jesmin: Let’s

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