Dialogue between you and your friend planning a picnic


Suppose, you are Pial. You have a friend named Pael. Both of you are free of tension nowadays as your annual exam is already finished. You want that you will enjoy a picnic during this vacation. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend planning a picnic

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Pial) and my friend (Pael) planning a picnic—
Pial : Hi Pael, our exam is over and you seem to go on fishing. Is it your favorite pastime?
Pael: No Pial, my favorite pastime is travelling.
Pial :Really! It’s my favorite hobby. Then, why aren’t we arranging a picnic in this vacation?
Pael: Right, Pial. You have proposed a great thing. Let’s have a tour to Cox’s Bazar.
Pial : Not bad. But for this, we’d need at least three days and you’re sure not to get so many friends.
Pael: Then what do you think would be the suitable place?
Pial : Dream Holiday Park.
Pael: Excellent! Day to day tour like one-day cricket!
Pial : Ha! Ha! Ha! I want that we ourselves will arrange our cooking. What do you think?
Pael: It’d be better and more amusing than taking readymade food.
Pial : As far as I know your uncle is an intercity bus driver. Can’t you manage to hire a bus by him?
Pael: Why not? I think we can hire a seventy-seat bus.
Pial : Yes, that’s OK. Now, what about the amount of donation per head? Many things depends on it.
Pael: Oh, stop! Stop! We’ve started to decide everything alone. Let’s talk with Suman, Russel, Miraj, Sajal and Shanta for the rest.
Pial : Oh, yes. I’ve totally forgotten them.
Pael: Look! Here comes Miraj!
Pial : Let’s start looking for other friends.
Pael: Let’s go!


Suppose, you are Fahad. You have a friend named Rafat. Your annual exam is already over and now it is your winter vacation. You see that it is high time you enjoyed a picnic. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about planning a picnic

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Fahad) and my friend (Rafat) about planning a picnic—
Fahad : Hi Rafat, aren’t your exam finished?
Rafat : Yes Fahat. I’m now busy with my computer.
Fahad : That’s good. But what if we enjoy a picnic in this vacation.
Rafat : That’s a great idea, Fahad. Where do you prefer to go?
Fahad : Cox’s Bazar is the most suitable place as picnic spot. What do you think?
Rafat : That’s right but we have there been many times. What about Foy’s Lake?
Fahad : Oh excellent. It is a natural beauty and ,at the same time, an amusement park.
Rafat : How many people can we arrange for?
Fahad : What if we hire a fifty-seat bus?
Rafat : Right, that will be OK.
Fahad : And cooking arrangement?
Rafat : Hmm, that’s a great problem.
Fahad : Oh yes, Rahat’s uncle is a good cook. We can take his help.
Rafat : But Fahad, I think we should have someone who can guide us in everything.
Fahad : You’re right, Rafat. I think we can request Bipul uncle to guide our group.
Rafat : Will he agree?
Fahad : We can try and, after all, we can discuss everything with other friends before we take final decision. What do you think?
Rafat : Certainly.
Fahad : Then let’s start our action just from tomorrow so that we can start our journey at Friday morning next.
Rafat : Ok. That’s all.


Suppose, you are Shaon. One of your friends is Robin. Your annual examination has just been over and you are willing to go on a picnic. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend planning the arrangement of a picnic

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Shaon) and my friend (Robin) planning a picnic—
Shaon: Hello Robin, let’s enjoy a picnic.
Robin : Yes Shaon. It is the best time of the year to arrange a picnic. Moreover, our exam is over.
Shaon: Then fix a date just now. Probably Friday will be the best day.
Robin : No Shaon. No more one-day tour—at least two days.
Shaon: Brave boy! Where do you like to go?
Robin : Cox’s Bazar!
Shaon: Cox’s Bazar! Good proposal but many of our friends may have problem to join.
Robin : We can try to help them as far as possible.
Shaon: What may be our programs in the picnic spot?
Robin : Apart from beach funning, we’ll go to Himsori, Innani and other spots. Shaon: We can also go to visit salt cultivation.
Robin : I like to cook our food ourselves what will be so amusing. For that we’ll make all out arrangements. We can arrange a cultural function on the beach.
Shaon: Oh excellent! I’ll play violin; many of our friends can sing well. What will you do?
Robin : Why? I’ll show a magic. Hridoy and Akash can perform dance.
Shaon: Wow! It’d be a great fun. What do you think.
Robin : Sure. Now let’s go to discuss with other friends. They may give us better plan.
Shaon: Yes, let’s go.

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