Dialogue between you and your friend about your favorite pastimes


Suppose you are Bipul. One of your friends is Shihab. One holiday, Shihab asked you to go to play but you didn’t agree. You were then getting ready to go for another recreation. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your favorite pastimes

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Bipul) and my friend (Shihab) about our favorite pastimes—
Shihab:Hi Bipul, it’s a holiday. Let’s go to play carom.
Bipul : Oh, no Shihab. I’m going to take part in a fishing competition.
Shihab: Fishing! Excellent! I also like fishing. By the by, you often go on fishing here and there. What’s the matter?
Bipul : Yes Shihab. It’s my favorite pastime. I get immense pleasure hunting fish.
Shihab: Why do you like fishing so much?
Bipul : Truly speaking, I have a passion for fishing. Catching fish is an adventure to me. When I catch fish, I feel it a victory. Besides, fishes caught by own hand taste great.
Shihab: Really amazing!
Bipul : What’s your favorite pastime, Shihab?
Shihab: It is totally unlike yours. I like to visit places during holiday. Tourism is my favorite pastime.
Bipul : Then it is sure you gather much knowledge and experience from your tour.
Shihab: Sure Bipul. When I visit a new place, I enjoy the taste of conquering a new land.
Bipul : Really amusing!
Shihab: OK friend, that’s all for today. See you next time.
Bipul : OK, see you.


Suppose you are Probal. One of your friends is Shaibal. One holiday, you were talking about the recreational activities you often enjoy during holidays. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your most favorite pastimes

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself(Probal)and my friend(Shaibal about our most favorite pastimes—
Probal : Hi Shaibal, it’s holiday today. Let’s share the things of our favorite pastimes.
Shaibal: You’re welcome, Probal. First tell me what’s your favorite pastime?
Probal : No no Shaibal. You always go last. Today I like to be informed of your pastime first.
Shaibal: OK, Probal. My most favorite pastime is reading book.
Probal : Really exceptional! Why do you choose book-reading other than enjoying something?
Shaibal: Oh Probal, you’re wrong. A book is the source of eternal enjoyment.
Probal : How?
Shaibal: You can travel to anywhere anytime riding on the ship of book. It’s the source of knowledge and pleasure at the same time.
Probal : Really heart-touching!
Shaibal: Now tell me about your pastime.
Probal : I’m passionate about photography. It’s my most favorite pastime.
Shaibal: Photography! Wonderful! Why have you chosen photography as your pastime?
Probal : I take snaps of natural scenery, interesting things and lifestyle of common people. I get immense pleasure from it.
Shaibal: What is its other benefit?
Probal : It is also the source of knowledge.
Shaibal: Then your pastime is similar to me, I see.
Probal : Yes, Shaibal. In respect of objectives, our pastimes are the same.
Shaibal: OK Probal, that’s all for today. See you next time.
Probal : OK, see you.

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