Dialogue between you and your friend about your aims in life.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your aims in life.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Sajal and Shanto about their aims in life:
Sajal : Where are you going, Shanto?
Shanto : To my free literacy center. Don’t you know I have opened a free school for the poor children?
Sajal : Oh, yes. But I wonder you have started serving people at this young age.
Shanto : Yes, Sajal. What may be better work than serving people?
Sajal : What is your aim in life?
Shanto : To become an Army officer. I think there is hardly any profession like it to sacrifice one for the cause of motherland.
Sajal : Right Shanto. I agree with you. I also want to spend my life for the betterment of the poor, sick and distressed people..
Shanto : What is your aim in life, then.
Sajal : I want to become a doctor. For this purpose, I am in the way of preparing myself for the future.
Shanto : Really a noble profession, Sajal. But it would be nobler if you give free treatment to them.
Sajal : Of course. Serving by giving free treatment is my mission. Pray for me to Allah for my success.
Shanto : Pray for me too.

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