Dialogue between you and your friend about the uses of internet


Suppose you are Jason. One of your friends is Shuvon who has just entered the world of internet by connecting his mobile device with this worldwide network. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the uses of internet

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Jason) and my friend (Shuvon) about the uses of internet—
Jason : Hello, Shuvon. I’ve heard you’ve connected your computer with internet.
Shuvon: Yes, Jason. But I hardly know about internet. I’ve taken it just out of interest. Would you kindly help me about it.
Jason : Sure. Internet is the network of network. Every computer with internet connection all over the world is connected with one another. Anybody from anywhere can access and find his/her desired information of the present and past from the unlimited storage of internet.
Shuvon: Oh, friend, I know so far. Now tell me definitely how I can get mostly benefited from it.
Jason : Through internet, you can find, enjoy and share any information, audio, video or image, send email, make video call and much more from and to any corner of the world within second.
Shuvon: How can I share these with others?
Jason : There are many social network sites like facebook, tweeter, google+, Linkedin and so on by which you can share everything instantly.
Shuvon: It’s really miraculous!
Jason : Of course. Not only that, you can travel around the world by Google Map, do electronic banking and shopping, pay bill, do job sitting at home through internet entering the relevant websites.
Shuvon: This means that the whole world is on computer screen.
Jason : Certainly. And the whole world is getting more and more dependent on internet day by day.
Shuvon: Thank you very much, Jason. I’ve learnt a lot from you about internet.
Jason : If you find any problem in browsing, feel free to ask me.
Shuvon: OK, thank you once more.


Suppose you are Tareq. You are an internet user. One of your friends is Anwar who is a brilliant student and does not use but bears negative attitude towards internet. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the proper uses of internet

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Tareq) and my friend (Anwar) about the uses of internet—
Anwar: Hi Tareq, you are always plunged into internet. What is the matter?
Tareq : No matter, friend. I’m browsing an important thing.
Anwar: Aren’t you wasting your time? I think it is in no way beneficial in student life.
Tareq : Not wasting but spending. I think I’m spending my time in proper way.
Anwar: How? What do you browse? Only facebook and facebook.
Tareq : Yes, Anwar. The students who are internet users are usually addicted to facebook. But you can draw benefit out of internet if you use it wisely.
Anwar: How can you, as a student, get benefited from internet?
Tareq : Suppose you are finding problem understanding an experiment in Physics. You can instantly find out the solution to that problem as image or video tutorial. There are thousands of digital contents on all of the chapters of your every subject in internet.
Anwar: Really encouraging! Tell more, please.
Tareq : There are numerous websites that are built up only for teaching the students worldwide. On Youtube, you’ll find numerous videos by the famous teachers of the world as well as our country on Math, English, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History and so on. Is there any other mean to earn the practical knowledge so easily?
Anwar: Actually I didn’t think so much about internet. Besides, I never saw anybody to use internet as medium of education.
Tareq : You’re right Anwar. But students like you and me can make example in this case. And this opportunity is open to all.
Anwar: Yes, Tareq. I’ve come to learn a lot from you about uses of internet. Thank you so much.
Tareq : You’re always welcome.

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