Dialogue between you and your friend about the uses and abuses of mobile phone

Suppose you are Jabir. Once you were going to a nearby shop to pay electricity bill by mobile phone. On the way, you met with a friend named Tanin who, truly speaking, is addicted to mobile phone. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the uses and abuses of mobile phone

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Jabir) and my friend (Tanin) about the uses and abuses of mobile phone—
Dialogue on use and abuse of mobile phone
Jabir : Hi Tanin, you seem to have got addicted to mobile phone. Raise your head.
Tanin: Oh no, I was enjoying a ghost scene. Yes, Tanin. Really I’m wasting a lot of time on mobile phone nowadays. However, where are you going?
Jabir : To pay electricity bill by mobile phone.
Tanin: Think over, Jabir; how comfortable and easeful mobile phone has made our life.
Jabir : Really it is a miracle. No tension, no wait, no stress, no uncertainty, no misunderstanding. You can do global communication in seconds. Everything is in the grip of your hand.
Tanin: It appears that you are here means you are everywhere.
Jabir : Everything is right, Tanin. But this wonderful machine has also its demerits.
Tanin: Quite right. For example I’m ruining my education by wasting time.
Jabir : You are a simple example, Tanin.
Tanin: What are the other abuses of mobile phone?
Jabir : Criminals run their crime network through mobile; drivers talking over mobile while driving are likely to cause serious accident. Besides, radiation emerged from mobile phone causes serious health hazard.
Tanin: What are health problems mobile phone can create?
Jabir : Excessive use of mobile can cause brain cancer or brain tumor, loss of hearing, heart-risk, genetic damage, increased stress etc.
Tanin: Really a matter of great concern.
Jabir : Yes, Tanin. But there is no unmixed blessing in the world. We have to accept the good side and reject the bad one.
Tanin: Thank you, Jabir. I’ve got very important information from you about mobile phone abuse. It’ll help me get aware.
Jabir : Thank you too.

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