Dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of reading newspaper

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the necessity/importance of reading newspaper

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Shihab and Shuvo about importance of reading newspaper:
Shihab : Hello Shuvo, Let’s go to market. I need to buy some medicine.
Shuvo : Sorry Shihab, I’m now reading newspaper.
Shihab : Keep it away. I think it is wastage of time.
Shuvo :What! Wastage of time? I am sorry for you that you don’t like to read newspaper. Don’t you know that newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge?
Shihab : How does newspaper benefit you?
Shuvo : Listen Shihab, reading newspaper is not wastage of time; rather, it is the best use of time. It is not only the source of news but also that of knowledge and pleasure.
Shihab : How?
Shuvo : You can see the whole world through newspaper. You can also find different views, cartoon, comics, educative articles, interesting story and so on in newspaper.
Shihab : O, I see. Probably this is the reason why you are well up in current affairs.
Shuvo : Right! By reading newspaper, you can also know the latest happenings of the world and earn general knowledge.
Shihab : If so, then it will certainly help to do good in any interview in future. Am I right?
Shuvo : Sure.
Shihab :Thank you Shuvo. I promise I will read newspaper regularly from this very day.

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