Dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning English

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the necessity/importance of learning English

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Sujan and Ashik about importance of English:
Sujan: Why are you keeping silent, Ashik? Tell me about your exam result in detail.
Ashik: Sorry friend; I think if there were no subject named English in the school syllabus.
Sujan: What! You failed in English? Listen Ashik, you may be promoted to next class failing in English but how will you pass the test of life without English?
Ashik: What do you mean by this, Sujan?
Sujan: I mean you cannot expect to build up a better life with a better career without the knowledge of English?
Ashik: Why?
Sujan: You need English in every step of your life.To receive higher education, to get a good job, to work with computer and ultimately, to keep pace with the modern technological world you must have practical knowledge of English.
Ashik: Yes, that’s right. But I find this subject very difficult to learn. Can’t I avoid it?
Sujan: If you avoid English, prosperity of your life will also avoid you. Do you want to lead a out-dated life?
Ashik: Certainly not. But how can I overcome this problem? Can you suggest any?
Sujan: I think you should do some English language courses offered by the renowned trainers.
Ashik: Thank you for your suggestion.

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