Dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.

Suppose you are Niloy. You are acutely interested in computer but don’t have enough scope to practice. One of your friends is Mahdi who practices computer a lot. One day, while Mahdi was at his computer table, you reached their house. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Niloy) and my friend (Mahdi) about importance of learning computer—
Niloy : What are you doing with computer, Mahdi?
Mahdi: I’m busy in preparing my notes, Niloy.
Niloy : You seem to be advanced in using computer. What’s your aim?
Mahdi: It’s not the matter of aim, Niloy. Actually we can’t think of our modern life without computer. It is now the driving force of civilization.
Niloy : You’re quite right. In any office, educational institute, hospital, airport, railway station, in agriculture or industry or for any business communication, computer is essential. There is no sphere of life where computer is not used.
Mahdi: Not only that. Computer is now being used to diagnose diseases, make model of a plane, in the warfare, to determine weather forecast, to play chess, in all kinds of research works and so on. Time passes by; computer is being used in the newer fields.
Niloy : Could you tell me about using internet with computer?
Mahdi: Using internet with computer has brought about another revolution in the field of information technology. Now the whole world is in the grip of your hand.
Niloy : How can computer do these miraculous works?
Mahdi: Computer can do anything hundreds of times faster than man’s brain can do. It does this basically by receiving, storing, processing and giving output of data.
Niloy : Thank you, Mahdi. I’ve learnt a lot from you. Now, I know we have to learn computer in need of keeping pace with the age.
Mahdi: Sure. This age is the age of computer.
Niloy : Okay. Thank you again. See you.
Mahdi: See you.

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