Dialogue between you and your friend about the benefits of early rising

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the benefits of early rising

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Limon and Adnan about benefits of early rising:
Limon : Hello Adnan, can you tell me why I am burdened with my homework although you are not?
Adnan: As far as I know you don’t rise early. Am I correct?
Limon : Hmm, but I do try, my dear friend.
Adnan: I think if you knew the benefits of early rising you would not fail to rise early.
Limon : I do know. An early riser can enjoy the fresh air of the morning.
Adnan: That’s not all. If you rise early, you can breathe in pure oxygen which is very essential for good health. Moreover, you can enjoy natural scenery—birds’ chirping, sun-rising and much more. Morning is the best time for taking physical exercise.
Limon : How can they help me in study?
Adnan: They will certainly refresh you and keep you cheerful. Above all, you can start your day earlier and will find enough time to study or do any other work.
Limon : O I see. Probably this is the reason why I am lagging behind you.
Adnan: Then try to outdo me in study.
Limon : Yes, yes. I promise I will rise at least five minutes before you do from tomorrow.

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