Dialogue between you and your friend about proper use of time


Suppose you are Shovon. One of your friends is Pritom. Pritom is always late in his work. Actually he has no plan to use his time peoperly. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about proper use of time

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between me (Shovon) and my friend (Pritom) about proper use of time—
Shovon: Hi Pritom, today is holiday; let’s go fishing in the river.
Pritom : Hi Shovon It’s a good proposal. I feel like joining with you but I have to study now.
Shovon: What’s the matter? Don’t you complete your lesson daily?
Pritom : Sorry Shovon. Truly speaking, I can no how cope with my school works. They are always left out.
Shovon: I guess, you don’t follow any daily routine and, as a result, you cannot use your time properly. Am I right?
Pritom : Yes Shovon, but not exactly that. I don’t think daily routine is so important.
Shovon: What! Daily routine is not important! You are in wrong track, Pritom. A proper plan of your time will certainly solve your problem.
Pritom : How?
Shovon: In a daily routine, you’ll budget how much time you’ll spend in reading, eating, playing, reading newspaper and even watching TV. As a result you won’t lose your time unconsciously.
Pritom : Really important point. I never thought of proper use of time.
Shovon: And listen. You’ll also have routine for your leisure and holidays. At this, You will never remain anxious about your study and will enjoy your holiday.
Pritom : How can I prepare a daily routine? Can you help me?
Shovon: Of course
Pritom : Many thanks to you for your advice and guideline.
Shovon: You’re always welcome.


Suppose you are Elena. One of your friends is Lucy. Once you went to Lucy’s house and wondered to see that Lucy does everything according to a routine hanging on his reading-room wall. Instantly you could feel why you are always burdened with your work. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the proper use of time in everyday activity.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between me (Elena) and my friend (Lucy) about proper use of time—
Elena : Hello Lucy, I see, you maintain routine in your daily activity.
Lucy : Yes Elena. This is my habit and, in this way, I can
make the best use of my time.
Elena : How do you get benefited from this routine?
Lucy : Look at the routine. I’ve budgeted my time for every work like reading, bathing, eating, watching TV, taking rest, sleeping and even for helping my mother in the kitchen.
Elena : Can you exactly follow this?
Lucy : Certainly not. But by following this routine I can easily understand if I happen to lose my time by watching TV or sleeping too much; and, attempt to recover the loss. Thus I can ensure the proper use of my time.
Elena : What do you do on holiday? Don’t you go to visit anywhere?
Lucy : Look below at the routine. Here I’ve some programs on the holiday and during leisure. Then I go to visit somewhere, work in my garden, play with friends, read story books, play game on computer or simply enjoy sleeping. But if I have any left-out school work, I give it preference.
Elena : Oh, Lucy. Today you’ve taught me a lot. I was afraid of daily routine. But now I know how to use time properly.
Lucy : Don’t you think this may help one shine in life?
Elena : Of course Lucy. Using time properly is the quality of the great.
Lucy : Oh, then, you’re going to be great.
Elena : Ha! Ha! Ha! And, you’re already great!


Suppose you are John. One of your friends is Alex. Once you were gossiping with Alex all afternoon long though your exam is ahead. Suddenly you remembered that you were wasting your time. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about how to make proper use of time.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (John) and my friend (Alex) about proper use of time—
John : Look at watch, Alex. It is already 7 p.m. but our gossiping is on.
Alex : Oh John, very sorry. We’ve forgotten our examination is ahead.
John : Can you remember how long we are here?
Alex : About 5 hours. Fie upon me! I’m indifferent to the value of time.
John : I’m worse than you. Gossiping has become a habit with me.
Alex : How can we make proper use of our time, John?
John : We can make our daily routine and work accordingly.
Alex : That’s right, John, but routine is not enough. If you cannot control your activity, routine won’t come to any use.
John : Exactly. We must stop gossiping and watching TV.
Alex : This is very difficult. I think we can gossip, watch TV and go to playground for a short period of time and preferably on the holidays.
John : I have another point. We can form the habit of rising early in the morning. At this we’ll get a lot of time to do our work.
Alex : Sure. Besides, we should remember the wise saying: Don’t put off your work for tomorrow.
John : And, time once lost is lost forever.
Alex : Then promise; never wasting time but using it properly.
John : Promise.

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