Dialogue between you and your friend about problem of load-shedding

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about problem of load-shedding

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Sohel and Rohel about problem of load-shedding:
Sohel : Hi Rohel, you are just waking up and it is already 9 a.m. What is the matter?
Rohel : A big matter, friend. Last night I could not sleep for acute heat due to electricity failure.
Sohel : Oh load-shedding! Same was the case in our area but I did sleep well and study well too.
Rohel : Wonderful ! How!
Sohel : It is very easy. Just study lighting candle and sleep on the roof; you can defeat load-shedding.
Rohel : Oh, my dear friend, it’s not a solution. Don’t you think load-shedding is a great problem in our country?
Sohel : Yes, I do. But load-shedding is a constant company in our day to day life.
Rohel : That’s right. But it is not only hampering our daily activities but creating negative effect on our economy too.
Sohel : How?
Rohel : When load-shedding occurs, all the mills and factories have to stop production. Official works are also hampered. Computers stop functioning. Cold storage, operation theatre and all power-based activities come to a standstill.
Sohel : Right, I didn’t think so far. However, isn’t there any solution to load-shedding?
Rohel : Yes, there is. Setting up more power plants is the simple solution. But friend, you should bear in mind that ours is a poor country. Our demand of power is increasing day by day but our production is not. So, it is not easy to solve this problem.
Sohel : So, what else to do? Follow my way—light candle and sleep on the roof.
Rohel : But it is a matter of hope that our government has taken this problem to be solved based on priority. Situation is improving day by day.

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