Dialogue between you and your friend about price-hike

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about price-hike

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between my friend Shimul and me about price-hike:
Myself: Hello Shimul, how much did your hilsha cost? It is an excellent one.
Shimul: That’s right. Bit it cost too much. Five hundred taka
Myself: Five hundred! Don’t you think that the prices of daily necessaries are increasing day by day?
Shimul: Certainly. I think, it is going out of the reach of common people.
Myself: Who do you think are the worst sufferers of price-hike?
Shimul: People like you and me. I mean the middle-class people and those who live from hand to mouth.
Myself: Sure! Prices are going up but our income is not.
Shimul: Could you tell me who are responsible for price-hike?
Myself: Probably, the government.
Shimul: May be. But the government alone is not liable. The worst criminals in this case are the business syndicate who willingly stock the daily necessaries to draw quick profit out of it.
Myself: Really! I won’t know this fact. Then, can’t government solve this problem?
Shimul: Certainly can. But we have also to come forward to help the government.
Myself:Thank you very much.
Shimul: Welcome, bye.

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