Dialogue between you and your friend about a farmer

Suppose you are Rocky living at Lohagara, Chittagong. One of your friends is Shihab. One evening, when you were on your way back home from playground, you noticed on the left the widespread paddy fields being tortured by evening breeze. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a farmer

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Rocky) and my friend (Rakib) about the farmer—
Rocky : Look at the paddy field, Shihab. As the wind is blowing, it looks like a wavy river.
Shihab: Really fantastic! It is our farmers who toil day and night to produce our food in this beautiful land.
Rocky : But we hardly keep their contribution in mind.
Shihab: Indeed! Farmers are the backbone of the economy but they lead a poor life.
Rocky : I disagree with you. Many farmers are poor but most of them are happy leading a simple life with what they earn.
Shihab: But don’t you know they don’t get proper cost of their crop, proper medical care, education and so on.
Rocky : It’s partially true. But days have changed. Now farmers are using scientific method of cultivation. Farmers’ children are becoming university graduate.
Shihab: That’s right. But, what I want to say, we should pay due honor to them as, literally, they are rearing the whole mankind.
Rocky : Oh, we’ve already reached. It’s all for today. See you again.
Shihab: See you.

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