Dialogue between you and your friend about eve-teasing


Suppose you are Shimul. One of your friends is Tnavir. One day, when you were going to college, you noticed a procession participated by the school girls coming towards you. They were shouting slogan against eve- teasing. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about eve-teasing

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Shimul) and my friend (Tanvir) about eve-teasing—
Shimul: Eve-teasing has become a critical social problem nowadays. What do you think, Tanvir?
Tanvir : Sure Shimul. It seems that eve-teasers have become rampant. No woman or girl getting out of the house for school, college or workplace is secured from the clutch of the eve-teasers.
Shimul: They lie wait at the curve of road, beside school-college or on the way of the movement of garment workers to harass them by throwing disgraceful words, offering evil-proposal or making annoying gesture.
Tanvir : Who are they, Shimul?
Shimul: Youths like you and me.
Tanvir : I’m really ashamed as a youth. Can’t we do something against this?
Shimul: Certainly, can. But it is not easy to do so. There is no reason to think the criminals to be less powerful. We’ve to protest unitedly.
Tanvir : What about low enforcing agencies?
Shimul: Frustrating! There is hardly any example that eve-teasers have been punished.
Tanvir : This means eve-teasers are rather getting encouraged.
Shimul: This is the reality, Tanvir.
Tanvir : Then, think over; what may be the after-effects of eve-teasing on the victims.
Shimul: tragic! They lose mental balance, fall prey to early marriage, lead a defamatory life or, even, commit suicide.
Tanvir : Ah! It’s a shame of the whole society.
Shimul: However, Tanvir; we are already at the college gate. Bell is ringing.
Tanvir : Okay, see you next time.
Shimul: See you.


Suppose you are Ornob. One of your friends is Biplob. One day, when you were walking through the road, you noticed a man fixing poster on the wall that invites people to be aware of eve-teasing and protest it. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the problem of eve-teasing

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Ornob) and my friend (Biplob) about the problem of eve-teasing—
Ornob: Eve-teasing has become a burning question in our society nowadays. What do you think, Biplob?
Biplob: Yes, Ornob. Committing suicide by Rimu, Razia, Sumi and Rahela falling prey to eve-teasing is a great shame for us.
Ornob: Why do you think the evil-doers tease the girl or woman that leads them to danger or, even, death?
Biplob: I think lack of education, moral degradation, spreading of obscene pictures and pornography lead the youths to eve-teasing.
Ornob: Right Biplob. But I think women or girls with obscene dresses are also responsible for being teased.
Biplob: Sure Ornob. Whatever may be the reason, it is a great social crisis and it should be removed.
Ornob: Exactly, but I wonder how the eve-teasers dare to do this heinous act though there is law with highest punishment for eve-teasing.
Biplob: There is law but no proper application of it. There is hardly any eve-teaser who is brought under punishment.
Ornob: Then eve-teasing is sure to increase, I see.
Biplob: Mostly right, but it is a matter of hope that social awareness is increasing day by day and condition of legal action against criminals is also improving. Don’t you think we’ve also some responsibilities?
Ornob: Of course. We’ve to stand unitedly by our sister-and-mother anytime anywhere.
Biplob: I also think so, Ornob. However, let’s go home. Long time has passed by.
Ornob: Let’s.

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