Dialogue between you and your friend about environment pollution

Suppose you are Aunto. One of your friends is Shanto. Once, when you were reading newspaper you saw a news on environment pollution and drew Shanto’s attention to it. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about environment pollution

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Aunto) and Shanto about environment pollution
Aunto : Look Shanto, Here is a news—Water of the Buriganga is undrinkable even after treatment.
Shanto: Yes Aunto. Environment pollution is a great threat to our existence.
Aunto : What other examples of environment pollution can you give?
Shanto: Air is always being polluted by smoke coming out from motor vehicle, mills and factories and also from brick fields. Notice, there is sound all around us and we are to live in this sound pollution. Soil is also being polluted in different ways.
Aunto : However Shanto, I think the pollutions that effect our life most is the air pollution and water pollution.
Shanto: Sure Aunto, water and air are the two most important elements of environment without which no animals or plants can survive. Now think if they are polluted—
Aunto : Oh I cannot think any more. Polluted air and water may cause serious diseases that may lead us to premature death.
Shanto: How do you think can we get rid of environment pollution?
Aunto : There may have many solutions. But all we should do on our part is be aware and make others aware of environment pollution.
Shanto: You’re right. I also think so.

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