Dialogue between two friends regarding future plan after the publication of H.S.C result

Write a dialogue between you and your friend regarding your future plan after the publication of the result of your H.S.C examination

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Tushar and Shishir regarding our future plan after the publication of the result of our H.S.C examination
Tushar: Hey Shishir, our H.S.C examination has already ended. You seem to be sleeping and sleeping.
Shishir: Hmm Tushar, it’s really a pleasure. I feel I am a pigeon flying freely over the sky.
Tushar: Yes Shishir; no class, no study, no pressure, no tension. It seems that I am a king.
Shishir: However; what, you are thinking, will you do after the publication of the result?
Tushar: Tell me first what about you? I am in a fix what to do.
Shishir: Father wants that I become a lawyer and mother likes me to be a teacher. But I like to get myself admitted in CSE. But studying in CSE is very expensive. Tell me what to do?
Tushar: Yes Shishir, this is the reason why I am confused of my choice. We may have colorful aims in life but reality may not permit us leaving us helpless.
Shishir: Then, what should be done? Isn’t there any light of hope?
Tushar: I think it will be better if we get prepared to take admission in different universities including Dhaka University.
Shishir: Yes Tushar, this is a good idea. We have about three months at hand. It will be wise to be attentive to take preparation for the future university admission tests.
Tushar: And, if we fail to get chance in desired subject, we can try in private universities as per our financial capability.
Shishir: I agree with you, Tushar. For the time being our aims are the same. So, let’s promise to work together. Promise–
Tushar: Promise.

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