Dialogue between two friends regarding future plan after publication of the S.S.C result

Write a dialogue between you and your friend regarding your future plan after the publication of the result of your S.S.C examination

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Tushar and Shishir regarding our future plan after the publication of the result of our S.S.C examination
Tushar: Hey Shishir, our S.S.C examination has already ended. You seem to be sleeping and sleeping.
Shishir: Hmm Tushar, it’s really a pleasure. I feel I am a pigeon flying freely above the sky.
Tushar: Yes Shishir; no class, no study, no pressure, no tension. It seems that I am a king.
Shishir: However; what are you thinking to do after the publication of the result?
Tushar: Tell me first what about you? I am in a fix what to do.
Shishir: I’m going to join a computer training course.
Tushar: Computer training! It’s really a great plan. Where are you going to join?
Shishir: With Global Multimedia at Dhaka. It is a three-month course.
Tushar: Are you going to do MS Office course?
Shishir: No, friend. You know I’m already well up in MS Word and MS Excel. This is a graphic design (Photoshop) course.
Tushar: Excellent plan. Why have you chosen this course?
Shishir: Actually I have a passion for drawing and I always enjoy design works. My maternal uncle encouraged that I’d also be able to do good in computer graphics. Thus I come up with my right choice.
Tushar: In this connection I have also come up with my right choice.
Shishir: What’s that?
Tushar: What else except graphic design?
Shishir: Oh wonderful! Are you ready to join with me?
Tushar: Of course.
Shishir: Then it will be a great fun to work together.
Tushar: Thank you for your wise and timely decision.
Shishir: Thank you to choose my choice.

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