Dialogue between two friends about how to make a good result in the exam

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about how to make a good result in the exam

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Omar and Jafar about how to make a good result in the exam:
Omar: Hi Jafar, lucky me, you’ve come to visit me. What about you?
Jafar: Hi Omar, I’m here actually for an immergency.
Omar: But What’s that?
Jafar: Luckily, you’re a GPA-5 holder. Could you tell me how I can attain GPA-5 in the next S.S.C exam?
Omar: Sure, but it’s an important thing not emmergency.
Jafar: As you think. But how to do that? Any key or tricks?
Omar: As a matter of fact, there is no shortcut key to a success. First, I think, you need to change your way of life-that’s not exactly the daily routine.
Jafar: What’s that?
Omar: You might have a daily routine but you might not follow them if you’re addicted to wasting time, watching Tv, internetting, facebooking etc.
Jafar: Oh, I see. I got your message. Then what else have I to do?
Omar: You have to follow some strategies in your study at home and finally in the exam hall?
Jafar: Please go on. What are those?
Omar: You should not memorize anything without understanding. Prepare notes of important questions yourself and revise them frequently.
Jafar: Is that all?
Omar: Not indeed. Invent your own tricks to memorize the complicated list, formulla and number. Always rely on the text or authentic source of any information.
Jafar: Oh, so helpful! And in the exam hall?
Omar: On receiving the question-paper, go through the whole carefully; spend some time thinking and planning the answers. Don’t unnecessarily make your answers lengthy. Your handwriting needs to be legible. Don’t forget to revise the whole script before you submit it.
Jafar: Relly Omar this is a detailed and precious advice I’ve ever received. Really greatful to you.

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