Dialogue between two friends about the importance of physical exercise

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the necessity/importance of physical exercise

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Riad and Zihad about importance of physical exercise:
Riad : Hi Zihad, where are you coming from in this early morning?
Zihad : Why? Don’t you know I take physical exercise regularly in the open field?
Riad : Physical exercise! I simply know that it is good for health. Would you tell me about it in detail?
Zihad : Certainly, physical exercise helps us to grow properly. Because of movement of the limbs of our body, it makes us physically strong and fit for work.
Riad : Really! Any more benefits?
Zihad : Yes, it improves blood circulation and increases digest power.
Riad : Then it is really a good habit. But how can I start exercise? I have no equipment. Can you suggest any?
Zihad : Oh, it is not essential. There are many forms of physical exercise. Initially, You can do many free-hand exercises like walking, running, jogging and so on.
Riad : Would you help me start exercising?
Zihad : How can I help you?
Riad : Every morning you will take me with you to the field, ok?
Zihad : Ok.

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