Dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking


Suppose Evan and Daniel are two friends. They are close friends but nowadays Daniel has become a smoker. Actually he is not aware of the bad effect of smoking. Now,

Write a dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking

Suggested answer:

Dialogue on bad effect of smoking
Evan : Hi Daniel, Let’s go to playground.
Daniel: Yes, I’m also waiting for you.
Evan : What about you? You aren’t going to school for a few days.
Daniel: Just wait. Let me buy a cigarette from that shop.
Evan : What! Cigarette! Oh, yes. I’ve heard you have become a chain smoker nowadays.
Daniel: No brother. Not just so. I smoke now and then.
Evan: Why do you smoke, Daniel? Don’t you know smoking is harmful for health?
Daniel: Oh, you don’t know. When you smoke, you look smart and full of personality. Smoking also removes tiredness.
Evan : But there are many bad effects of smoking. Don’t you know that? Smoking is like taking poison!
Daniel: What bad effect! Many a man is smoking everyday here and there.
Evan : But it may cause you serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, bronchitis etc. It also damages your lung and causes lung cancer.
Daniel: That’s are heard, friend but nobody dies from smoking.
Evan : What! Nobody dies! According to World Health Organization (WHO) 5 million people die every year from tobacco related illness. That is about one person is dying in every 6 second. Smokers are likely to die at least 10 years earlier than the non-smokers.
Daniel: Really! In true sense, I never thought so much. Moreover I never knew such a dangerous effect of smoking. I just started to smoke out of curiosity.
Evan : And this curiosity is spoiling your character and gradually leading you to death.
Daniel: Sure, Evan. I promise I’ll give up smoking from this very day. You have saved me from a great danger.
Evan : And never indulge such a bad habit.


Suppose, you are Shihab. One of your friends is Mehedi. One day you were travelling together by bus where you saw a person smoking in public. Now,

write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effect of smoking.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Shihab) and my friend (Mehedi) about the bad effect of smoking—
Shihab : Look Mehedi; that man over there is smoking though smoking in public transport is prohibited.
Mehedi : O, this is a common picture. Smoking is prohibited in any public places like bazaar, cinema hall, public meeting or hotel. But smokers hardly care.
Shihab : Aren’t they also doing harm to the non-smokers like you and me?
Mehedi : Certainly.
Shihab : Then shouldn’t we protest them?
Mehedi : Yes, we should. But we are also likely to be harassed by them.
Shihab : Really difficult! Don’t they know the dangerous effect of smoking?
Mehedi : Yes, they do, Yet they smoke because they feel that it is their right to their body to do what they like.
Shihab : Strange! How far do they know?
Mehedi : It is the cigarette packet that every caution of this danger is printed on— ‘Smoking is similar to taking poison’, ‘Smoking causes death’, ‘Smoking causes cancer’, ‘Smoking causes heart attack’, ‘Smoking causes lung-cancer’ and so on. They seem to take no notice of these.
Shihab : Oh, how ignorant they are! But I feel we can make them understand how millions of people are dying every year worldwide due to smoking. This may work.
Mehedi : Yes, You’re right. I agree with you. Let’s take a mission and just start from that man in our transport.
Shihab : Let’s start.


Suppose, you are Parvez. You are reading a daily newspaper at your house. One of your friends named Shuvo has just appeared when you drew his attention to a news about the dangers of smoking. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the dangerous effects of smoking.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Parvez) and my friend (Shuvo) about the bad effect of smoking—
Parvez : Look Shuvo, here is a news—Every year 5 million people die worldwide from smoking.
Shuvo : 5 million people! Horrible! Our friend Riaz is a smoker—do you know?
Parvez : Why not. He has a bad friend circle most of whom are no longer engaged in study.
Shuvo : But Parvez, Riaz is a brilliant student. It is our responsibility to draw him back to right track.
Parvez : That’s right. By the by, can you definitely tell what the bad effects of smoking are?
Shuvo : Smoking causes many fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack, bronchitis, lung cancer, cough, tuberculosis, Asthma and so on. In every six second, one person dies due to tobacco related illness.
Parvez : Dangerous! It is the habit that takes both money and health and gradually leads a smoker to death.
Shuvo : So it is high time we brought Riaz back from this ruinous life.
Parvez : Right. Look, here comes Riaz!
Shuvo : Oh, let’s track him right now.

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