Dialogue between two friends about preparation for the upcoming examination

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your preparation for the upcoming examination

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Rajib and Rakib about their preparation for the upcoming examination
Rajib : Hello Rakib, what are you studying now?
Rakib: Religion. How is your preparation for the upcoming examination, Rajib?
Rajib : Not so bad. I am not anxious about English but I can no how capture Trigonometry.
Rakib: What! Trigonometry is difficult! I think it is easier than Algebra.
Rajib : Would you kindly help me in problem with Trigonometry?
Rakib: Why not. Don’t you think I am your best friend?
Rajib : Oh Rakib, thank you so much. You are better than best friend. Now tell me how much you have prepared.
Rakib: General Science is always the matter of headache to me and you know I am weak in English.
Rajib : Same is the case of my General Science. But I can assure you that I can help you in English
Rakib: Really! Then it would be great if we meet every day to exchange our knowledge.
Rajib : Right, We can also discuss on our other problems.
Rakib: Exactly, do you have any suggestion in Bengali grammar?
Rajib : Sorry, I don’t. I also think it a matter. So what can be done?
Rakib: Hmm, I think we can make a suggestion ourselves by taking the help of a test paper. That will work better.
Rajib : Right, this is a good idea.
Rakib: So, why so late? Let’s start from this afternoon.
Rajib : Ok, good bye for the time being. See you at afternoon.
Rakib: See you.

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