Dialogue between two friends about importance of ICT education

Suppose you are Pial, a high school student of class nine. One of your friends is Tomal who read with you in the same class. You have to study ICT subject in the class. But Tomal find it difficult to study ICT. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of ICT education in the present world

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Pial) and my friend (Tomal) about the importance of ICT education—
Pial: Hi Tomal, you’ve been absent from school for a long time. Anything wrong?
Tomal: You know, Pial, the ICT subject seems very difficult to me. Actually I find no interest in it.
Pial: But as far as I know you’re good at computer.
Tomal: That’s right, friend. But you should bear in mind that having working skill in computer and securing good marks in ICT subject are not the same.
Pial: I agree. But what is the reason for your aversion to ICT?
Tomal: I don’t know, Pial.
Pial: Probably you’re in the habit of floating yourself in the flow of internet but don’t want to know about a thing specifically.
Tomal: You’re quite right.
Pial: Listen, Tomal. You cannot ignore ICT education living in the age of Information technology. Today there is no sphere of life where ICT is not used. So, you‘ve to acquire a common understanding of everything in ICT rather than of internet browsing only.
Tomal: Well, but how your sayings are true in the context of our country.
Pial: ICT is not a country-based idea. What you learn here is applicable for whole of the world as we live in the global village.
Tomal: How can textbook help us in this regard.
Pial: You can think textbook as the inspiration where every ICT-related issue is focused. Study textbook well and then practice topics in practical field.
Tomal: How can I do that.
Pial: You can practice with your computer or can join our computer club and so on.
Tomal: Oh Pial, you’re so genius. Your speeches will bring a great change in me. I’m highly motivated to study ICT. Thank you so much.

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