Dialogue between two friends about gardening

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about gardening

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Khalid and Tareq about gardening
Khalid: Why are you still at home, Tareq? Won’t you go to playground today?
Tareq: Sorry, Khalid. You know, every Friday, I take special care of my garden. And this is my favorite pastime.
Khalid: Oh, really you’re serious in each of your work. We’re proud of a friend like you.
Tareq: Listen, Khalid. How could you expect to gain success without seriousness?
Khalid: That’s right. But for now I’m amazed seeing your garden filled up with different flowers with varied colors and fragrance. I feel like making such a garden.
Tareq: This is the result of my tireless efforts for years. You can also have such one.
Khalid: How Tareq? Could you help me making a garden?
Tareq: Sure! But what you need first of all for gardening is determination; and then hard labor.
Khalid: I know that, friend. But how to start it?
Tareq: You know; but your sense of duty is more important than knowledge. First choose a piece of suitable land, put a fence around it and then prepare it for a few days to make perfect to sow seeds and plant seedlings. You must fix a regular timing when to work in the garden.
Khalid: How much money do I need to invest?
Tareq: Not so much. But at the initial stage, you have to purchase the essential tools and things like spade, hoe, basket, trimming scissors etc. You will also have to spend some money for buying required plants and seedlings from a nearby nursery.
Khalid: But I’m not sure when to plant which flower and how to take care of them.
Tareq: Don’t worry Tareq. I have a gardening-related book titled ‘How to be healthy and wealthy by gardening’. You can borrow this from me.

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