Dialogue between two friends about dengue fever

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about dengue fever.

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between myself (Fahad) and my friend (Farhad) about dengue fever—
Farhad: Hi Fahad, why so hurry? Where’re you going?
Fahad: Sorry Farhad. My father is hospitalized; I have to go immediately.
Farhad: What’s the matter? Anything serious?
Fahad: He is affected by dengue fever.
Farhad: Dengue fever! This means he’s a critical patient and going to die?
Fahad: Oh, Farhad. Dengue is a serious illness. It can even kill a man. But proper treatment and care can cure dengue patient within short time.
Farhad: Sorry Fahad. I know a little of Dengue. Can you explain in short what this disease is?
Fahad: Sure. Dengue is a viral fever caused by dengue virus which is carried by a mosquito called ‘aedes’. When this mosquito carrying dengue germs bits a healthy person, he/she is affected by dengue fever.
Farhad: What are the symptoms a dengue patient usually shows?
Fahad: Common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, slight fever, pain in muscle and joint, headache etc. Rehydration is also a usual health problem suffered by dengue patient.
Farhad: How much time does it take for a dengue patient to recover?
Fahad: If properly treated and nursed, it doesn’t last longer than 7 to 8 days.

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