Dialogue between two friends about celebration of birthday

Suppose you are Prova. One of your friends is Biva. Your birthday is near at hand and you met Biva on your way to shopping. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the celebration of your birthday

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between Prova and Biva about the celebration of birthday—
Biva: Hi Prova, you seem to be in a hurry. Where to go?
Prova: Hi Biva, I’m on the way to shopping. But I’m also looking for you.
Biva: Shopping! Looking for me! What’s the matter?
Prova: Don’t you know tomorrow is my birthday.
Biva: Oh yes. But I know you never celebrated your birthday. So, let me say, ‘Happy birthday to you’ just now.
Prova: O no. The scenario of our house is different this year. My maternal uncle has returned from Germany few days ago. He is absolutely seeking an occasion. And my birthday is upcoming.
Biva: This means you’re going to arrange your birthday tomorrow?
Prova: Not only that. My uncle will bear all the expenses. The famous magician Rajib Chowdhury is going to perform that day.
Biva: Wow! You must enjoy a great birthday this year.
Prova: You too Biva. You’re invited to my celebration and that was why I was looking for you.
Biva: Who else are joining?
Prova: Shipra, Shumitra, Zinia, Pavel, Riad, Tonny and who not?
Biva: All! But I have an urgent piece of business, Prova.
Prova: No excuse, my best friend. I like you’ll help me in all of my arrangements. Let’s go shopping.

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