Dialogue between two friends about the bad-effect of copying in the exam.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad-effect of copying in the examination

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between my friend Rakib and me about the bad-effect of copying in the examination
Myself: Hello Rakib, you seem to be anxious, why?
Rakib: Oh Shuvon, I’m sorry; I can’t tell you the problem.
Myself: But you must tell it to anybody if you want to be free from tension. And I’m your close friend.
Rakib: Yesterday in the exam hall, I tried to write from a copy but failed. My conscience didn’t permit me.
Myself: O is it? Surely you did the right thing. You know copying in the examination is a great offence.
Rakib: But I also think if I succeed, I could get the upper grade in that subject.
Myself: Listen Rakib- passing in the exam or scoring higher by copying is not a credit or matter of pride at all. It means cheating oneself.
Rakib: How?
Myself: If you pass or secure a good grade by copying in the exam, it is not the proof of your own ability. You must get stuck in every step of your later life even in getting a job.
Rakib: What else?
Myself: If you’re caught-up or other people can know about your misdeed later, they must hate you and you’re sure to lose their love, respect and trustiness.
Rakib: Really Shuvon, I did the right thing. My conscience saved me. You’ve helped me remove my tension. Thanks a lot.

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