Dialogue between a bus conductor and a passenger

Write a dialogue between a bus conductor and a passenger

Suggested answer:

A dialogue between a bus conductor and a passenger—
Conductor: Hello, ticket please.
Passenger: Sorry brother, I have no ticket.
Conductor: But you know this ‘Anabil Transport’ runs on counter service.
Passenger: And you know counter service buses don’t allow passengers in without ticket.
Conductor: Yes!
Passenger: Then how could I get into your bus?
Conductor: This is my question too.
Passenger: Your helper let me in. He even didn’t ask for ticket.
Conductor: Ok, brother. This is a rare case. Sometimes the helper allows passengers in when they try to enter the bus hurriedly in slowly-running mode.
Passenger: Now, what can I do?
Conductor: Where are you going to get down?
Passenger: Shyamoli.
Conductor: Where did you start from?
Passenger: From Baitul Mukarram.

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