A clever lamb and a hungry wolf- Story

A clever lamb/A lamb and a wolf/A clever lamb and a hungry wolf

Once, a little lamb was grazing on a meadow with a flock of sheep tending by a shepherd. It was eating grass very happily.
As the lamb was very wicked, it did not follow the flock but went far away. It was enjoying eating delicious grass and wandering about here and there. When its stomach was filled, it saw that it was then in a unknown place and got detached from the flock losing the way.
The lamb was at a loss what to do. It wanted to go back and join the flock but could not decide which direction to go towards. It feared a great danger was waiting for him. Suddenly it saw a hungry and angry wolf. Seeing the wolf, the lamb was seized with panic. But it could understand that; if it got frightened, the animal would certainly devour it now.
Instantly a ready wit crossed through its head. The lamb cleverly said, “Are you going to eat me?” The wolf replied, “Yes, just now!” Then the lamb said, “Look, I have eaten a lot of grass and my stomach is full of grass now. If you now eat me it will seem as if you were eating grass. So, please wait until the grass is digested.”
At this, the wolf agreed. Then the wolf added, ”Now I’m dancing so that the grass can be digested quickly.” The wolf looked pleased. The lamb further said, “Now untie the bell from my neck and ring it loudly so that I can dance well.”
Accordingly the wolf began to ring the bell and the lamb continued dancing. In the meantime, the shepherd who was looking for his lost lamb reached the spot hearing the sound of the bell. No sooner had the wolf saw the shepherd coming with a stick in hand; it ran away in fear to save its life.
Thus, by ready wit and cleverness, the lamb could save its life from a hungry wolf.

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