Bayazid’s Love For His Mother- Story

Devotion to Mother / Obedience to Mother / Bayazid’s Love For His Mother / Bayazid and His Mother

Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One night he was studying by the side of his ailing mother. All on a sudden, his mother woke up and told her son to give her a glass of water. Bayazid went to the pitcher to bring water but the pitcher was empty. He decided to fetch water from a fountain which was at a long distance.
It was dark at night. Everybody was sleeping and there was calm and quiet everywhere. Bayazid started to walk quickly with the jar in hand. Reaching there, he filled the jar with water and returned home after a long walk. He poured water in a glass for his mother. But he noticed that, by that time, mother had fallen asleep again. Bayazid thought it would be unjust to arouse his ailing mother. He did not want to disturb her but kept standing all night long with the glass of water in hand with the hope that she would rise again and want water.
In the morning, Bayazid’s mother awoke. She became astonished to see her son standing with the glass full of water by her bed. Then she remembered and embraced her son with deep love. She earnestly prayed to Allah to bless her son with the highest honor in spiritual life. Allah granted her prayer and Bayazid became a great saint in his later life.

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