Arsenic Pollution- Paragraph

Arsenic Problem / Arsenic Pollution


Arsenic problem is a new hazard for the world. The world marked out the arsenicosis, a disease by arsenic, only at the end of the last century. When people drink water containing arsenic they suffer from arsenicosis. The effects of arsenicosis are less acute among the people who eat a healthy balanced diet ideally containing vegetables. Poisoning by arsenic is a slow process. And there is no way to mark out the disease until symptoms are seen. As a result, the unconscious people continue drinking arsenic contaminated water year by year and catch illness. Arsenicosis patients also die when they are gradually attacked of arsenic-diseases like skin cancer, liver or kidney diseases. So, mass-consciousness is the best way to avoid arsenic problem. For this purpose, we have to drink water from safe source containing no arsenic. It is essential to make arrangement villagewise to test all the tubewells providing drinking water and mark red if arsenic is found and green if not found. Drinking from red marked tubewell should strictly be prohibited. However, this testing campaign can be led by voluntary organizations or by the help of government. However, it is a matter of hope that the number of arsenicosis patients is still relatively low in many parts of the world. Only mass consciousness can resist great spreading of arsenic poisoning.

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