Application to UP Chairman to repair damaged road

Write an application to the UP Chairman to repair a damaged road in your locality


Suggested answer:

20th October, 2013
The Chairman,
Enayetnagar Union Parishad,
Fatullah, Narayangonj.

Subject: Prayer for repairing a damaged road.

We, the inhabitants of the village Harihar Para, beg humbly to draw your attention to the fact that the main road along our village from Panchabati to Dharmagonj has greatly been damaged by the recent flood. It has already fallen unusable. Small and big ditches are created here and there in the road. As a result, vehicles cannot move through the road smoothly and easily. In the rainy day, many parts of the road get flooded. Then, small vehicles like rickshaw and van get tilted falling in the holes and cause accident. Sufferings of the people know no bound in this season. Besides, due to slowness of vehicles, traffic jam is a common occurrence in this area.

In this situation, we earnestly pray and hope that you would take urgent steps to repair the road and thus remove our sufferings.

Yours faithfully
On behalf of the inhabitants of the village Hariharpara

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