Application to UP Chairman for sinking tube-well

Write an application to the Chairman of your Union Council for sinking tube-well in your locality


Suggested answer:

24 January,2007
The Chairman,
Mirjanagar Union Council
Raipura, Narsingdi.

Subject: Prayer for sinking tube-well.


We, the inhabitants of the village Rahimabad under your union, draw your kind attention to the fact that ours is a large village of about five thousand people. But it is a matter of regret that there are only two tube-wells in the village. Most of the people have to collect their drinking water either from a long distance or from nearby river or ponds which is not healthful.
But the poor villagers have no other alternative way to collect pure drinking water. As a result of drinking impure water, they are frequently suffering from different water-borne diseases. At present, diarrhoea has spread out on a large scale all over the locality.
We, therefore, pray that you would kindly take necessary steps to sink at least two tube-wells in our village and thus remove our sufferings.

Yours faithfully
Md. Amzad Hossain
On behalf of the villagers

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