Application to U.N.O. for sinking tube-wells

Write an application to the U.N.O. of your upazilla for sinking tube-wells in your locality


Suggested answer:

15 March, 2015
The Upazilla Nirbahee Officer,
Raipura Uapzilla,
Subject: Prayer for sinking tube-wells.


We, the inhabitants of the village Saidabad under your upazilla, bring to your kind notice the fact that our village is situated by the river Meghna. It is one of the remotest villages from the district town and deprived from all the development facilities. But the most acute problem in this village is the lack of pure drinking water. There is only one tube-well in this large village of about eight thousand people.

Villagers are mainly farmers and fishermen and are quite ignorant of their health. Finding no safe source of drinking water, they drink impure and polluted water of rivers and canals. As a result, they always suffer from different water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Every year many people die due to this killer diseases. So, sinking sufficient number of tube-wells in different positions of the village can solve this problem.

Under the circumstances, we fervently request you to take immediate step to sanction at least five tube-wells for our village to save our lives.

Yours faithfully
Hemayet Uddin
On behalf of the people of Saidabad

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