Application to U.N.O. to sink arsenic-free tube well

Write an application to the U.N.O. to sink arsenic-free tube well in your locality


Suggested answer:

20 June, 2010
The U.N.O,
Narayangonj Sadar,

Subject: Prayer for sinking arsenic-free tube well.

We, the inhabitants of the village Dharmagonj under Enayetnagar union of your upazila, draw your kind attention to the fact that ours is a big village of about 10000 people. But there is no arsenic-free tube well in this village. There are many tube wells in different places but all of them are ‘red’ marked. Being compelled, People have to drink this arsenic-contaminated water. As a result, many people have already been affected by arsenic poisoning and the rest of them are under the threat of catching this fatal disease. So, safe source of pure drinking water is the crying need for the villagers. Sinking at least two arsenic-free tube wells can remove this problem.

We, therefore, fervently request you to take urgent step to sink arsenic-free tube wells in our locality to safeguard our life.

Yours faithfully
Abdur Razzak
On behalf of the inhabitants of the village Dharmagonj

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